October 9 | DISCUSSION SPACE, floor 1





Opening Press Conference

Viktoriya Tigipko (Organizer of IDCEE), Stefano Guidotti (CEO of U-Start), Fabrice Grinda (angel investor, Co-founder of OLX)


Ukraine’s High-Tech Scene in 2014: From Domestic Crisis to an International Reset

Adrien Henni


Workshop “Becoming An Angel”

Fabrice Grinda and Jose Marin


Open Government Data: Value Added for Society, New Market for Private Sector

Denis Gurskiy (Founder of Socialboost), Olexandr Ryzhenko (State eGovernment Agency), Maxim Klyuchar (UNDP), Mykhaylo Shmelyov (Microsoft), Anton Moyseenko (CityTransport)


Film Festivals In Digital Era

Julia Sinkevych (Executive producer of OIFF), Ivan Shestakov (Marketing director at MEGOGO.NET)



October 10 | DISCUSSION SPACE, floor 1





Discussion “From Offline To Online. How To Build Up Your Business Model And Create Added Value For Your Customer”

Moderator: Valentin Kalashnik (OSDirect)

Participants: Artem Sukhoroslov (DirectDigit), Yegor Anchishkin (Zakaz.ua), Mikhail Vatakh (MTI), Aleksandr Olshanskiy (Mirohost, Imena.ua), Marina Kvashnina (Delta Bank), Yevgeniy Plotitsa (KredoBank), Nataliya Koshevaya (Comfy)


Starting Point For A Successful Startup Or Territory Of Ideas At Microsoft Office

Viktor Tsykunov (Developers & Platform Evangelism Lead at Microsoft Ukraine), Tetyana Marushevskaya (Marketing and Operations Management Director at Microsoft Ukraine), Andriy Berlutskiy (Head of Microsoft Windows at Microsoft Ukraine)


Discussion “Big Data: How To Get Rid Of Megalomania And Watch Your Step”


Moderator: Valentin Kalashnik (OSDirect)

Participants: Andrey Kosetskiy (DirectData, OSDirect), Pavel Levchuk (LeBoutique), Oleg Lesov (SoftCube), Valentin Goncharov (Eldorado), Dmitriy Kudrenko (eSputnik)


Code Club UA: Achievements Of The First Year In Ukraine

Marylya Bosakevich (Head of Code Club UA)


October 9-10

Hackathon on social entrepreneurship

Opening: 12:00 October 9th on Tech Stage

Hacking time: 12:00-23:00 October 9th

                         08:00-14:00 October 10th

Location:  2nd floor.

Presentation of ideas: October 10 at 14:00 on Startup Stage.

Announcement of winners: October 10 at 16:00 on Startup Stage.

IDCEE Startup Competition as one of the real tools to promote your business idea

Internet startup” is a new hot trend very popular among modern entrepreneurs. From year to year, there are arising more and more promising projects with crazy business models, as well specialized conferences and competitions where participants can present their ideas and get noticed. These events always gather representatives from investment companies, VC funds, entrepreneurs, and business angels who are seeking for new products and services to invest in. Apart from offering a zillion networking opportunities, such events offer different prizes to startups:

Major Startup Competition in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

The rise of “startup culture” has resulted in numerous conferences in every corner of the world. Of course, all these events strive to attract the most promising and best startups. These events are usually targeted not only at their country, but also internationally. The IDCEE conference is the largest of its kind in Ukraine, and it’s one of the biggest in CEE. This prestigious event gathers the crowd of 2,500 people from all over the world (45 countries). October is marked in Kiev as a meeting point the leading IT investors, gurus and entrepreneurs, and of course the best startups and developers from the region and beyond. Last year, Startup Alley was showcasing more than 150 unique startups.

Other goal-points of startup competitions

Besides an obvious goal set by organizers (which is to provide startup with a chance to demo its venture and get investors’ attention, but not limited to:), there are some other reasons behind it:

  • TA VentureTAS GroupU-StartFocus
  • InterLoungeFMApex VenturesMicrosoft
  • Siguler Guff & CompanyUIAPremier Hotels and ResortsLIGABusinessInform