APEX Networking Tools at IDCEE 2014

06.10.2014, 13:29

Thanks to IDCEE Golden Partner venture capital fund Apex participants of the conference will have several networking tools at their disposal:

Apex Lounge Zone (2nd floor) in the networking zone. It’s a cosy place brought by Apex, where visitors can take a seat for a break, use PC, charge their gadgets and just take a breath between all the exciting events from IDCEE agenda.   
Apex Meeting Room (2nd floor), located in the networking area. To reserve a room and register a meeting please contact IDCEE organizers in advance. The number of arrangements is limited and the schedule will be put together one day before the conference. 
Apex Meeting Point (2nd floor) - a convenient  meeting spot for you and your colleagues and potential partners, so you won't lose each other.


Apex will also present a special gift to one of the IDCEE participants during the conference - 'The Startup Owner's Manual’ by Steve Blank. The lucky owner of the book will be chosen randomly at the conference on October 10. To take part in the contest follow the steps -

The venture capital fund Apex was created in 2013; it targets the backing and developing of commercial background of IT-projects within the web-sources market. Apex contributes investments to promising companies and teams challenging success to reach their goals by means of creating a sustainable strategy to develop a commercially clear business.

APEX Networking Tools</strong> at IDCEE 2014
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