Best Ukrainian Startup Award Category

08.10.2014, 12:45

IDCEE Golden Golden Partner The Apex Ventures will award the winner in the nomination Best Ukrainian Startup with the following:

- mentorship for 6 months from both Ukrainian and English affiliates 

- information support of the project both on Ukrainian and foreign platforms

- consideration as a candidate for investment on the basis of mentorship 


The jury to determine the winner consists of Dmitriy Cherny, the head of Apex VNT’s Kiev representation office, Viktor Andriichuk, Apex VNT project manager, and Apex VNT PR director Dmitry Chepur.  


Early stage, prototype, Ukrainian team and the focus in the global market will be the main criteria for the jury's choice.  
Apex will also present a special gift to one of the IDCEE participants during the conference - 'The Startup Owner's Manual’ by Steve Blank. The lucky owner of the book will be chosen randomly at the conference on October 10.

To take part in the contest follow the steps -

Best Ukrainian Startup</strong> Award Category
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