Can technology make it better for humanity? - philanthropy in tech panel

10.10.2014, 16:28

Speakers talked about the ways tech industry can contribute to the charity

Daniele Regolo, founder at Jobmetoo, an online web-based platform that provides recruitment services for individuals with disabilities, is one of the speakers of IDCEE 2014 Philanthropy in Tech Panel. "Disabled people are an important resource that isn't used sufficiently. Jobmetoo could be a classical example of a good business and social advantage" - said Daniele Regolo.


Another speaker Tom Hooper, founder at Third Space Learning, shared his vision of social entrepreneurship: This idea that social enterprises are a niche and some kind of queasy charity is completely ridiculous, it's tackling some of the biggest problems we faced and going on to the biggest budgets. One of the problems of social enterprises is being totally unambitious.'


Can technology make it better for humanity?</strong> - philanthropy in tech panel
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