Current Trends and Challenges in Digital Advertising - keynote by Florian Heinemann

10.10.2014, 15:06

Florian Heinemann, co-founder & MD at Project A Ventures, gave the audience a helicopter view on the current trends of digital advertising.


'Traditionally media was bought base on context, because it was associated with target group you want to reach. In digital advertising you have an actual shift to user, so you move away from buying context to actually buying user' - Florian Heinemann pointed out.


According to Heinemann, power of Google, Facebook, Amazon, e-Bay and Apple is constantly increasing its power in the digital advertising eco-system. 'Its a big thread for media agencies. Publishers are too weak on the data side' - says Florian. He's sure that CRM (encompassing email, mobile push notifications,FB custom audience SMS, etc) is new SEO. 


'If you are a publisher or advertising agencies, you can compete by building data science knowledge to create the transparency' - advices Heinemann. - You need to find a way to interpret data in a better way'.

Current Trends and Challenges in Digital Advertising</strong> - keynote by Florian Heinemann
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