Dare to dream – Mark Tluszcz opens the 2nd day of IDCEE 2013

11.10.2013, 11:25

Today everyone can create his own business - states Mark Tluszcz, Co-founder and Managing partner @Mangrove Capital Partners. "Entrepreneurship is the salvation of today's economy. Entrepreneurship is the control over your own life. There was a great guy long ago, who said that if you can dream about something, you can make it happen", - he said. Mark also paid attention to the fact that the Internet changed everything relating our lifestyle and working patterns.

Dare to dream</strong> – Mark Tluszcz opens the <strong>
2nd day of IDCEE 2013</strong>

"The Internet was created in 1995. We have moved from the society where very few people were connected to each other. And now the Internet has 2 billion people. And it looks like there will be 3 billion people. Your generation has got a unique opportunity, so take a chance, and create the business"

Mark Tluszcz

Mark Tluszcz

Co-founder and Managing partner @Mangrove Capital Partners

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