Hashtago made it to GSF Global

28.05.2014, 17:32

The acceleration program will start on June, 2. The program lasts for 12 weeks and gives the opportunity to work with investors, consultants, advisors in 7 cities of Asia, USA and Canada (Delhi, Bangalore, Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, New York & Singapore). "We hope to boost beta-release of our product, get useful business network in the hottest startup industry areas and go global with the sales which is very hard to do from Ukraine or any other country with weak economy" - says Hashtago CEO Andrew Litvin.

Hashtago</strong> made it to <strong>
GSF Global</strong>

«We organize IDCEE, the biggest conference for startups in the CEE region. Every year we see hundrends of startups from all over Europe. Honestly, we were hoping that a startup from Ukraine would be in the first European startup in GSF's global batch. We know GSF for many years, and we are happy to have them as our partners. In particular, we've co-invested in Little Eye Labs. We believe, GSF Global will be Hashtago's first step to global success».

Viktoriya Tigipko

Viktoriya Tigipko

IDCEE organizer, TA Venture managing director

GSF is the largest and the most renowned Indian technology accelerator. The one famous for Little Eye Labs - GSF’s first batch project, which was recently acquired by Facebook for $10-15 million. This year it launched GSG Global, an international program for startups from Europe, Africa and South-Eastern Asia. GSF's partners and ambassadors in CEE region are TA Venture fund and IDCEE conference

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