Launched! The 5th edition of the IDCEE has just started.

09.10.2014, 10:57

This year despite the difficult situation in the country more than 100 speakers from 20 countries, including Mexico, the United States, South Africa, Poland and the Baltic countries have come to the IDCEE. The main topics of 5th edition of the conference are future trends of Internet business, future of financial markets and criptocurrencies, robots, 3D printing, wearables and hardware as well as philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Startup Alley remains the biggest in Eastern Europe - 150 projects.


During her opening remarks, IDCEE organizer and Managing Director at TA Venture  Viktoriya Tigipko shared the main news: ‘IDCEE is going global and joins forces with U-Start Conference, global network of conferences. IDCEE becomes U-Start CEE, the main regional gateway to global IT market. We are here to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, family offices and private individuals, from now on – on the global scale’.


U-Start CEO Stefano Guidotti also delivered an opening speech and spoke about the common future of U-Start and IDCEE. 

Launched! <strong>
The 5th edition of the IDCEE</strong> has just started.

‘The first time we linked up with IDCEE was two years ago. I immediately saw the huge overlap in vision and mission between IDCEE and U-Start. In the last 5 years, IDCEE have been bringing the tech world to Kiev and have been the front door for anyone who wants to enter this part of the World so full of talents and opportunities. We do the same on a global scale. We will help take IDCEE to the world by replicating the great things you'll see in this conference, and first effects of this will start blooming at our next U-Start Conference in Cape Town on the 28th of November

 Stefano Guidotti

Stefano Guidotti

U-Start CEO

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