The Case for Optimism – an opening keynote of Fabrice Grinda

09.10.2014, 12:09

At the Main Stage of IDCEE 2014 Fabrice Grinda, French entrepreneur, angel investor and cofounder of OLX Inc. has delivered his opening keynote -"The Case for Optimism".

According to Grinda we are living in extraordinary times and are blessed as entrepreneurs. He talked about the positive changes that entrepreneurship world is undergoing nowadays. 3D printing has already revolutionized prototyping is being increasingly used to make final parts and may revolutionize medicine with the printing of organs. Healthcare is finally becoming computerized and robots are invading factories as well as our lives.

Education is also finally entering the technology age: from traditional classrooms to computerized classrooms and “global” classrooms. Grinda is sure that 

the Internet of things will improve our daily lives and transportation will be significantly improved. 

"Communications are headed for a revolution" - said the speaker. - In a long perspective - 15-20 years - mind to mind communication technology will be availble. 



The Case for Optimism</strong> – an opening keynote of <strong>
Fabrice Grinda</strong>
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