Speed up! Here comes a summary from IDCEE 2013 Accelerators Panel

11.10.2013, 13:06

Vertical accelerators are more valuable for startups, said Co-Founder at Game Founders Sven Illing. "Vertical accelerators really represent great value for startups. The gaming industry amounts $70 billion. We have devices for games in our pockets like mobile phones. The amount of games for these devices is growing very fast". In turn, commenting on investment, Jon Bradford Managing Director at TechStars London said: "We are really focused on entrepreneurs who work on early stage. We invest in people; this is the most important thing". Managing Partner at LAUNHhub Todor Breshkov added: “We created our company 12 months ago. Till now we worked mainly with the South- Eastern Europe, we have companies in five different countries, we invested in 25 companies."

Speed up!</strong> Here comes a summary from <strong>
IDCEE 2013 Accelerators Panel</strong>

“We believe in people and we believe in the region with a big amount of engineering talents. That is what we are trying to invest in” 

Todor Breshkov

Todor Breshkov

Managing Partner @LAUNHhub

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