TechCrunch & Co-Founder to Speak at IDCEE 2014

19.09.2014, 12:52

British serial technology entrepreneur Keith Teare has been confirmed among the speakers of the 5th edition of "IDCEE.Internet Technologies and Innovations". Current CEO at Inc. will deliver lectures both on Main Stage and Tech Stage, revealing the secrets behind his long career as co-founder of several successful companies.

He is credited with being part of technology blog TechCrunch, instant messaging service and the world's first Internet cafe CYBERIA. He calls himself "Big Thinker", "Contrarian" and "Disrupter" and he would love to have a business lunch with Karl Marx - all that applies to the IDCEE 2014 speaker Keith Teare.

Keith has a track record as a serial entrepreneur with big ideas and has achieved significant returns for investors. He has founded or co-founded several companies in the digital space since the early 1980s.
Keith Teare is CEO and founder of and a partner at Archimedes Labs, as well as CEO of Chat Center. Previously, Keith was co-founder of TechCrunch, the founder of RealNames, a Palo Alto based company specializing in Internet navigation and search technologies; co-founder of 'The EasyNet Group', a leading pan-European broadband ISP; co-founder of CYBERIA, the world's first Internet Café; and founder of cScape (now Clerkswell), a UK based systems integration specialist dating back to 1983.

Keith seed funded NetNames, the first domain name reseller in the world, where he was also Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also sat on the Advisory Board of VeriSign's Naming & Directory Services division. He currently sits on the Board of UK listed company Mind & Machines (MMX).

Keith Teare is also the author of two published books: "The Easy Net Book" (1996) and  "Under Siege" 1988.Moreover, during his visit to Ukraine, Keith Teare will present a lecture at one of Kiev universities. Keep track of conference news to find out the topic of his lecture. 

TechCrunch</strong> & <strong></strong> Co-Founder to Speak at IDCEE 2014
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