TV Media As A Growth Driver For B2C Internet Companies In Europe - Andreas Otto's keynote at IDCEE 2014

10.10.2014, 11:06

Andreas Otto, investment director of SevenVentures, talked d about media for equity and how it works, especially in the German market.

'TV is still the lead media that is used by many people. It is consumed reguarly' - Andreas opened his keynote. He continued talking about development of the second screen behaviour: 'People use iPhone and iPad parallel when watching TV and that use offers several posibilities'.  The other trend  according to Otto - multiplatform - smart TV, that people use to access Internet. Multiplatform exploration becomes key in the changing media environment.


TV advertising has tree main campaign effects based on the unique consumer reach and branding power: direct response, brand building and market creation'TV has a positive effect on other marketing channels: direct impact, performance marketing, mobile traffic and app downloads' - speaker added. 


As an example he mentioned Zalanda, that has became Europe #1 online shoe retailer and clear market leader through extensive media push. 

TV Media As A Growth Driver For B2C Internet Companies In Europe</strong> - Andreas Otto's keynote at IDCEE 2014

TV is the key media to transport emotions and that is something that is tough to do online. If brand is shown on TV, people tend to trust it more.

Andreas Otto

Andreas Otto

Investment director at SevenVentures

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