Hurry up to claim your ticket for a special price!

25.11.2013, 14:58

Help to spread the info about the course of Web Design in HTML and CSS for disabled, a co-project by IDCEE and AIK Charity Foundation!

14.11.2013, 14:43


This year's conference at a new, centrally located venue saw thousands of participants, hundreds of startups and dozens of speakers, who constantly interacted and mingled, pitched ideas, shared the news, laughed and cried, and were sincerely glad to meet each other.

15.10.2013, 14:50

Nomination, created in partnership with innovation park @Bionic Hill

11.10.2013, 19:30

Nomination, created in partnership with @Yandex

11.10.2013, 19:26

Elena Flanagan-Eister - CEO at @Depositphotos – shared the success story of her company

11.10.2013, 16:55

Co-Founder @Coursera shared her thoughts about the online revolution as an education for everyone

11.10.2013, 15:30

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO @Markafoni shared his insight on entrepreneurship in Turkey

11.10.2013, 12:12

The startups will get UAH 240k and mentor support from GTF founders

10.10.2013, 19:14

The veteran of angel investment teaches how to give the company wings to fly

10.10.2013, 17:18

Who will survive? The expert insight on the topic from leading specialists of the industry

10.10.2013, 15:50

“For today almost all huge companies use such called native advertising,” - Alan Patricof, Founder and Managing Director @Greycroft Partners

10.10.2013, 13:36

The agenda of IDCEE'13 that kicks off in just three days is packed with interesting and exciting keynotes and panels. During the two days of the conference, three stages will work simultaneously with speakers, startups and panelists talking, pitching and discussing. I approached Startup Bootcamp's Andy Shannon, oDesk's Matt Cooper and Jelastic's Ruslan Synytskyy and asked them which events at the conference they would definitely attend.

07.10.2013, 10:01

Ubertesters, KreditAja, Backendless

11.10.2013, 19:32

Nomination, created in partnership with

11.10.2013, 19:28

Three teams will get a chance to attend a pitch day of Startupbootcamp in Vienna on October 29 without prior preselection

11.10.2013, 17:13

Co-founder @TransferWise talks about banking sphere

11.10.2013, 15:54

World leading industry specialists have discussed an interaction and competition between Local and Western startup accelerators

11.10.2013, 13:06

Co-founder @Mangrove Capital Partners is talking about the Internet Revolution as a defining event in human history

11.10.2013, 11:25

Ralf Wenzel - Co-Founder and Managing Director @Foodpanda – is shedding light on the problem

10.10.2013, 17:43

Vice President @oDesk - the world largest freelancing platform – sharing his expertise

10.10.2013, 16:22

The participants of IDCEE 2013 1st day Main Stage Pitching Sessions has been announced

10.10.2013, 14:32

“We want IDCEE to be a place where its participants could find not only investment, but also new expertise, connections and inspiration” - Viktoriya Tigipko, Organizer of IDCEE and @TA Venture Managing Director.

10.10.2013, 11:41

An average conference participant will probably forget about the startups that win in a challenge in less than a month, unless it's something they're really intend to use daily. That's why I went to check on some of the past years' winners of the Startup Competition at IDCEE conference and asked them whether the participation in the contest helped them later.

01.10.2013, 13:44


In 2013, the focus of the IDCEE. Internet Technologies and Innovations conference is startups and geeks.

17.09.2013, 20:52

Be the first one to find out what’s going to happen at IDCEE 2013: follow the news from the announcing IDCEE press conference on Tuesday, September 17

12.09.2013, 14:40


IDCEE 2013 will kick off in 100 days!

02.07.2013, 09:26


This year, IDCEE will be visited by the world leading startup incubators: TechStars London, Startupbootcamp, H-Farm Ventures, Elevator, Skolkovo, EastLabs and many others. Incubator leaders will, in particular, moderate pitches at Startup Toaster, a series of short-pitch sessions for the Startup Alley members to be introduced at IDCEE this year.

20.06.2013, 09:25


This year IDCEE will dedicate a panel discussion to one of the hottest trends of 2013 - online education. Panel will be opened by Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera. Eren Bali (Udemy CEO and co-founder), Elena Masolova (Eduson co-faunder) and Bernhard Niesner (Buzuu co-founder) will discuss this growing industry and its challenges

27.05.2013, 09:23


IDCEE 2013. Internet Technologies and Innovations with its partner, Bionic Hill Innovation Park, introduce a new award in 2013, the Best Ukrainian Startup.

12.04.2013, 09:21


Participants of IDCEE 2013. Internet Technologies and Innovations conference can save up to 50% of the ticket price to one of the biggest IT conferences in Europe by buying it through April 10th.

24.01.2013, 09:17

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