Bitalo AG

As the bitcoin economy grows, users demand an integrated service that would combine useful ways of using bitcoins. United by the idea of bringing Bitcoin closer to the world, 16 highly motivated people located in 7 different countries created such a solution, called Bitalo.

Bitalo provides easy-to-use scenarios that really matter most when using bitcoins - such as really secure coin handling and services for private internet businesses and peer-to-peer transactions.

With Bitalo people can easily:
- store bitcoins securely as never before,
- trade bitcoins on a decentralized exchange,
- purchase or sell goods for bitcoins (coming soon)
- learn how to start with bitcoins (coming soon),
- help to predict the price via social intelligence (coming soon).

Bitalo is the first Bitcoin exchange and a multi-sig wallet with backup transactions. Bitalo is not able to touch users’ funds or bitcoins. is currently operated by Lamium OY, based in Finland.

Bitalo AG
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