Since 2010, we have been working hand-in-hand with retailers developing and supporting a full stack of technologies required for online channel.


We are currently building operations in Eastern Europe under, and brands. operates in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Donetsk (Ukraine). Moscow and Saint Petersburg are in focus of our current efforts at Zakaz manages pickers, packers, and couriers staff on retailer's territory.


Opening grocery delivery from existing brick-and-mortar locations has much in common for many geographies, and we are open for discussion with retailers in any region. Software, hardware, and processes we manage helps you with:

  • CPG photography
  • store front-end including catalog, search, recommendations
  • Content Management System
  • CRM including IP telephony and last-mile logistics (tracking and routing)
  • TA VentureTAS GroupU-StartFocus
  • InterLoungeFMApex VenturesMicrosoft
  • Siguler Guff & CompanyUIAPremier Hotels and ResortsLIGABusinessInform