QIWI Group

QIWI is part of the holding company QIWI Ltd, which was formed in July 2007. The founders are Group (formerly known as Digital Sky Technologies) and the management of QIWI Ltd.Unified Instant Payment System is the market leader in instant payments and the leading provider of integrated technical solutions for organizing payment points in Russia and abroad.


It operates subsidiaries in foreign countries, whose tasks include developing the payment system market and introducing innovative payment technologies.Unified Instant Payment System launched the QIWI retail brand in 2008.QIWI is a convenient way to pay for everyday services: from mobile phone bills and household utilities to bank loans. Through QIWI, users can buy tickets, pay for online shopping purchases and much more.


The QIWI multi-platform service gives you the ability to pay through QIWI self-service terminals, the internet or mobile devices. With the help of QIWI Wallet, users can program the timing of payments, receive notification of upcoming payments and details already held, and save all necessary payment details.Unified Instant Payment System has been part of the QIWI Ltd holding company since mid 2008 (it was previously named OE Investments).

QIWI Group
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