Gamayun Consulting

Gamayun Consulting, the prophetic bird of Russian folklore which represents knowledge and wisdom, is the namesake of the consulting firm. Having built an international business career spanning nearly 20 years in Europe, Asia, and Russia, Michael Bozanic combines strategic and financial experience in supporting e-commerce and technology business development.


Gamayun partners with business owners, CEOs, and management teams to deliver solid strategic, financial, and technical consulting designed to execute business objectives. The high level concepts are delivered with strong analytics, engaging leadership, and inspiration.


Based in the very far-east paradise of San Diego, California, Gamayun connects with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms in the United States (and Russia) looking for strategic or financial investments in Russia/Ukraine/or former CIS countries.


The collective experience of Gamayun in these markets provides VC/PE firms a trusted partner to help filter and/or vet potential investments. In addition, Gamayun can effectively communicate the expectations and requirements of Investors to potential targets in Russia/Ukraine/former CIS countries. This is an added value service for VC/PE clients considering potential investments (either in advance of sending their own teams, or working together with an assigned team).


For startups, early growth, and fully operating companies, Gamayun provides trusted, straight-forward consulting to prepare the organization for growth  - or – in anticipation for future funding with Russian or American Venture Capital/Private Equity firms. Gamayun understand the constraints, limitations, and opportunities of doing business in Russia/Ukraine, former CIS and can effectively communicate these points to potential investors.


Gamayun has a network of professionals in Russia and the US who often collaborate on projects to leverage local and international specialties.

Gamayun Consulting
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