Mountain Partners Group

Located in Switzerland the Mountain Partners Group was founded by Dr. Cornelius Boersch and Daniel S. Wenzel in 2004. Since then the Group has developed into an Asset Management Group with specialized investment vehicles. The group comprises Mountain Super Angel AG (4MS), Bluehill ID AG (BUQ) and Cleantech Invest AG (4CT) which are all three listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Furthermore Taishan Invest AG, Omnis Mundi AG and newest investment vehicle Medvest Capital AG are part of the Mountain Partners Group.


Today, the Group holds stakes in more than 80 companies and has positioned itself as an “Institutionalized Business Angel. Thus Mountain Partners combines the financial strength of an institutional investor with the flexibility of a Business Angel. Their investment approach can be described as fast, intuitive and opportunistic.


To support the portfolio companies actively for their growth, investments are often shared with top-class co-investors. The Mountain Partners Group could attract numerous top-class Business Angels, institutional investors from Europe, the United States and several Arabic families.

Mountain Partners Group
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