Stella Artois

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The story of the legendary beer Stella Artois starts in the illustrious by its beer tradition medieval Belgium, where in 1366 in Leuven, appeared the first mentions about the brewery «Den Horen».


Stella Artois - is the embodiment of centuries-old Belgian beer culture achievements and unsurpassed skills of brewing. Stella Artois differs from other kinds of «lager» beer by unique recipes, as well as by special ritual of pouring and serving beer.


This beer is for lovers of exquisite and refined taste, fans of history and centuries-old tradition of beer culture.


Since 1997, the Stella Artois holds International Barman Competition in Brussel. Ukraine is annually represented by the winner of Stella Artois National Barman Competition, which has been held for fourteen years (since 2000). In 2005, Ukraine took 4th place at the International Barman Competition, in 2006 and 2007 - 2nd place of honor.


Stella Artois
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