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IDCEE: your entry point to the emerging markets of CEE


IDCEE: ideas matter

  • Now are the challenging times for Ukraine, but we see this as the time of big changes and new opportunities! Ukraine has become a major driving force for the changes in Eastern Europe. Come to IDCEE, the
    main platform for web-entrepreneurship in CEE region!

    Viktoriya Tigipko

    Organizer of IDCEE & MD @TA Venture

  • Very much looking forward to my talk at IDCEE conference in Kyiv in October this year. Right now, forstering the entrepreneurial spirit in the region and supporting entrepreneurs from CEE seems more important than ever.
    Hope to see you there!

    Florian Heinemann

    Co-Founder & Managing Director @Project A Ventures

  • I will be very happy to attend this special conference in this special year – very important to b-to-v! And I am convinced that entrepreneurship is one of the main drivers for peace in any country.

    Florian Schweitzer

    Co-founder @b-to-v Partners AG

  • IDCEE remains the key event for any and all tech firms and investors to explore IT in the region. The opportunities for networking and working with top managers and engineers is unmatched. It is THE
    event in CEE to attend. Come to
    Kiev for October 9-10, 2014.

    Drew Guff

    Managing Director & Founding Principal @Siguler Guff

  • I remember fondly & with admiration the IDCEE & the enthusiasm & spirit evidenced. Hopefully, before too long, things will return to some form of normal and the country can once again move forward with the
    energy demonstrated at the conference.

    Alan Patricof

    Founder & Managing Director @Greycroft Partners

  • 5th Anniversary Edition


    Tech Area

    Media Panel

  • One of TOP-5 IT events
    in Europe


    outstanding speakers


    startups at Startup Alley


    people from 45 countries

  • Ideas Matter


    total cash prize of



  • Ideas Matter

    300 VC

    funds and firms

    with $30 BN

    under management

Business idea, what's that?

What is business idea? If you ask a couple of entrepreneurs, you will most likely get various answers. For them, it’s only a thought, which can help you get money. Others take business idea as a full value model with a mature business plan, specific goals etc. For some entrepreneurs, the process of realizing an idea itself is of foremost interest. Others are more interested in the results, namely revenue. More or less, any business idea is based on the following pattern:
  1. Identify a problem that society is facing;
  2. Work out methods to solve the problem;
  3. Get revenue for bringing your business idea into life.
It’s worth mentioning that there’s no difference whether you are trying to establish a company from scratch, or to realize your business idea as one of the new directions of an already existing business. Either way, the base ground for any undertaking is idea, and in case of undertakings in business, it’s a business idea.

IT as a perspective area for business investments

In terms of coming up with new ideas and the number of young entrepreneurs, IT sphere has no competitors. This filed is developing at high speed. There are millions of people who come up with new business ideas in IT every day.  They dream of making these ideas real and establish a functioning business. That is the reason behind a decision of many to conduct events that attract young entrepreneurs and investors, where the latter are ready to invest money in new perspective projects. It is a real chance for a startup and enthusiast to find so much needed at this early stage resources. For private investors, or business angels, such events uncover unique opportunities for investment in rather perspective business areas.

Business ideas form all over the world at the IDCEE conference

IDCEE is an annual conference gathering young entrepreneurs (startups), as well as investors and representatives of VC funds. Investments in IT-related businesses have great potential.  That’s why even those angels and funds that used to invest in traditional fields only are more actively looking into IT. For startups, IDCEE is a one-in-a-thousand opportunity to present their business ideas, make the investor interested in the project, and receive the necessary financial support.

CEO @RoboSavvy & Franky the Robot

Founder & Managing Partner @Ventech

Partner @Mangrove Capital Partners

Managing Partner @Eastlabs

Founder @Nextury Ventures

CEO & MP @MCI Management SA

Founding Partner @Project A Ventures

Managing Partner @Runa Capital

Managing Partner @Almaz Capital

Founder, Partner, Chairman of Investment Committee @Maxfield Capital

Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering @Elance-oDesk

Co-founder & Managing Partner @e.ventures

Co-founder @OLX Inc.

Investor @TMT Investments & Chairman of the Board of Directors @Happy Farm Incubator

Co-founder & MD @Project A Ventures

Founder @Archimedes Labs, CEO @Chat Center

CEO & Founder @Azimo

Founder & CEO @Ignite

CEO & Co-founder @Terrasoft

Sr. Director of Operations Engineering @TubeMogul

CEO & Co-founder @CubeSensors

CTO @Buildit Hardware Accelerator

Co-founder @Jooble

Founder & Director @DOU.ua & Djinni.co

Chief Digital Officer @Burda Publishing House

Founder @SocialBoost

Managing Partner @Juscutum

Partner @Nomad Fund


Get a chance to win 7 M€ TV media volume: pitch Your Startup at NOAH Conference during SevenVentures Pitch Day!

15.09.2014, 14:07

The best project at Startup Toaster within the 5th edition of the IDCEE.Internet Technologies (9-10 October 2014) and Innovations will get a chance to pitch at The Balkan Venture Forum (12-13 November 2014) without prior preselection.

12.09.2014, 17:50

We would like to invite you to participate in IDCEE Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon, co-organized together with SocialBoost.

01.09.2014, 18:47

This year TubeMogul launched an Indiegogo campaign to support Ukrainian startups. As a result, they raised $22+K (800% more than expected). This means that Ukrainian Startups can participate in IDCEE for FREE, but the number of tickets is limited and only the best startups will be selected by our expert committee.

27.08.2014, 17:23

photo & video

IDCEE 2013 Summary Video
  • Opportunity to inspire 2,500+ participants from all over the world


    Unique networking opportunities with the luminaries, opinion leaders and CEOs of the world leading IT companies


    Panel discussions on hot topics with seasoned entrepreneurs of the Internet industry


    Opportunity to speak at one of the TOP-5 European Conferences on Internet Technologies

  • Opportunity to communicate with 150 pre-selected startups with global ambitions


    Presentation of your fund at one of the biggest European conferences in IT sphere


    Deeper insight into the huge potential of startups from the CEE region

  • A chance to pitch your project in front of the best professionals in the industry


    Over Eur 30,000 total cash prize


    Opportunity to get investment for your project from 300+ investors from the leading European and American venture funds


    Opportunity to find new ideas and team members, as well as chat with the best startup peers

  • Feel the unique atmosphere of networking with the IT market leaders


    Listen to content-driven keynotes and panel discussions of the most exceptional IT and entrepreneurial visionaries


    Share your user experience with decision makers about products they create


    Get inspiration to create your own project and change the world!

previous winners

  • IDCEE 2013 Winner

    IDCEE 2013 Winner

    We were proud to launch public beta of our product at IDCEE 2013. As we have our R&D Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine we’re quite involved with a CIS market and will also target our product to US market as a largest market for mobile developers.

    Ran Rachlin

    Ran Rachlin

    Co-founder and CEO @ Ubertesters

  • IDCEE 2013 Best Interactive Startup
₴100,000 from Bigmir.net

    IDCEE 2013 Best Interactive Startup
    ₴100,000 from Bigmir.net

    IDCEE gave us the opportunity to express ourselves and to hear the opinion about our project from leading business experts.

    Kateryna Dobrynina

    Kateryna Dobrynina

    Co-founder @ Astrafit

  • IDCEE 2013 Best Consumer Startup
€3,000 in promo from Yandex

    IDCEE 2013 Best Consumer Startup
    €3,000 in promo from Yandex

    This is the main event for startups! We got on TV&magazines. It is a perfect opportunity for networking. We'll be here in 2014!

    Roman Kirigetov

    Roman Kirigetov

    CEO @ Kabanchik

  • IDCEE 2013 Second Runner-up

    IDCEE 2013 Second Runner-up

    It’s a great achievement for our team! We had a chance to present our solution for a bunch of investors and we’re sure it will provide a great push towards our goals.

    Yuriy Ryashko

    Yuriy Ryashko

    Community Manager @ Backendless

  • IDCEE 2013 First Runner-up

    IDCEE 2013 First Runner-up

    We were able to see the common teams, views and ideas that are running on emerging markets which is basically like the market we’re working on in Indonesia. We think that it is important for us to view Ukraine, CIS & Russia as a potential market in future.

    Aidil Zulkifli

    Aidil Zulkifli

    CEO @ Kreditaja

photo & video

IDCEE 2013 Summary Video


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