From a startup to Google

Nowadays more and more people are coming to a decision to leave the boring job and start own business. In IT it’s called “startup”, and the team working on the project “startupers”. Ideas may wary from handy tools and mobile apps to serious software developments. There are sooo many Internet startups today, but only a few gain the right to evolve into a big business. Bill Gates and Steve Jobbs also used to be startupers. They may have not suspected that one day their ideas would change the world. People like these two guys are an incredible source of inspiration for beginners from all over the world. Impossible is nothingJ

Three pillars

Almost any person thinking of starting his own business sooner or later faces some of the following hindrances: But in reality, any of these is just an excuse! People limit themselves only in their minds. They are the only ones who may think of a potential failure. What a startup really needs to have is the following:

Features of a potentially successful startup

Idea that can bring you fame and fortune can be of any kind. Very often even an absurd idea may turn into a giant company. There’s been done a lot of research about the most successful web companies. And we can outline a brief set of features that should be there for a startup that wants to get success: 1)     The team The first (first!) thinп an investor is looking at is the team. If the key people are reliable, dedicated, fair and possess minimal necessary knowledge and experience, than believe us, investors invest not in you startup, but in you, the core team members. There may be a pivot at some point (or more than one). That is, your startup can take a totally different route. But the team will always be there. It is said that a startup should have at least 3 key people: CEO (to take strategic decisions and be a “public figure”), designer and developer. 2)     Scalability It’s one of the fundamental principles of a promising idea. You should not limit your startup to a curtain age group or geography. The more diverse is your audience (by sex, occupation, financial status etc.), the more chances you have to scale your business and thus, to get revenue (of course, it’s not a dogma). Thinking about the business idea, make sure you can bring it to other countries of the world. This is one of the core things that draws attention of investors. 3)     Revenues You have to think of monetization from the very beginning. It may be good to think of freemium models (at least at the start). But think of it wisely not to lose your customers in the future.




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$60,000 for Microsoft Azure usage for 1 year

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